Jeanne S.

Oakland, California



Our 16 year old daughter ran away on Wednesday, May 22, 2013, the day her

father was having surgery to his wrist from a horrible motorcycle

accident he sustained just the Saturday before.  I filed a police

report and knew from prior law enforcement experience that runaway

reports were not a priority.  As a matter of fact, I had located a

phone number from my daughter’s texting that belonged to the man she

left with. When I told the police, they suggested I call the numbers I

locate and was not familiar with, and tell them I was asking about my

16 year old runaway daughter, and to stress the “16 years old” part.


With my husband in the trauma unit of the hospital still, I could only

remember to call the different people whom she had appointments with

or activities with such as her school, tutoring service, and

tournament softball coach.  The softball coach was the one who put me

in touch with CFSI and an online organization that also helps with

locating missing people.


Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, an officer was not assigned to our

runaway case until Tuesday, May 28th.  By then, I was already

contacted by our regional CFSI coordinator located in another state

and she filled out the intake form for me.  I gave her all the

information I had found including the telephone number of the man (who

was from Florida) and a FaceBook community site our daughter chatted

on with the man and others.  I also sent her copies of the letter our

daughter left and a picture.


On the morning of Wednesday, May 29th, I was contacted by a private

investigator with CFSI and gave her the same information and also sent

another picture.  We spoke again later that evening and I was told

they had found the name, birthdate, several addresses, and a picture

of the truck that belonged to this man that my daughter was with.  The

next morning, Thursday, May 30th, the PI called me again to let me

know that there was another PI in Florida speaking with the man’s

mother and getting information from her.  At about 5:30 pm PST, my

local PI called to tell me that they found my daughter in Amarillo, TX

and the man she was with was detained.  Our daughter arrived back in

Oakland, California on Friday, May 31st, safe.


The only thing the local police did was put our daughter into a

nationwide data base, but CFSI is who located her with the information

I was able gather.  My husband is recovering in a nursing facility and

will be fine.  Thanks to everyone with CFSI, we are able to start

recovering from this event.  We are extremely thankful to everyone at

CFSI, especially those I worked closely with, for their dedication and