Security Personnel Tiers

Standard Guards for perimeter control, access control, and asset protection

Usher/Crowd Control Event Staff for bleachers, crowd direction, attendants, and customer service

Commanding Supervisors for customer service and to deal with escalated problems

 Black Suit and Tie: A high level security officer in a black suit with extensive experience for VIP locations

Off-Duty Police Officer

Hospitality security officers

Uniformed, Armed (exposed or concealed) Security Officer

Security Officer Area Manager

Security Officer Project Manager for risk and resource assessment planning

Disaster Response

Patrol Officer

Our experience includes the industries/applications listed below

  • Retail Security- Malls and other retail locations

  • Resorts, hotels, and spas

  • Academic Institutions

  • Commercial properties and businesses

  • Construction sites

  • Government facilities

  • Financial Institutions & Banks (includes escort services for transport of valuables)

  • Malls and other retail establishments

  • Marketing and Public Relations events

  • Medical facilities

  • Ports and distribution centers

  • Sales conventions and events

  • Stadium Sporting events / Special events

  • Museums and Other Cultural Institutions